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Author avatarAngela JosephDec 12, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Manga Translators


Welcome to the world of automatic manga translation! This blog will introduce you to some of the best automatic manga translators available online. These tools are designed to help manga enthusiasts read their favorite manga in their preferred language without the need for a human translator.

Key Features - Why Opt for AI Translation Over Human Translation:

To begin with, its user-friendly interface guarantees a seamless experience for users. The advanced speech and text converter plays a crucial role in delivering accurate and efficient translations. Moreover, the tool excels in extracting subtitles from various formats, thereby enhancing accessibility. The incorporation of visual effects adds an extra layer of engagement for readers. With its support for multiple languages and real-time translation capabilities, the blog caters to a diverse audience. The adaptive AI learning feature ensures a continuous enhancement in the quality of translations. Lastly, its cross-platform compatibility further enhances convenience, making it a comprehensive solution for manga enthusiasts in search of efficient and dynamic translations.

1) Ismanga

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Discover a whole new level of manga translation with Ismanga, an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed as a browser extension or mobile app. With Ismanga, you can effortlessly translate raw manga, manhua, manhwa, and comics on your favorite websites, enjoying top-notch translations on any device using just one account.

Homepage of, a manga translation company. Explore our free and premium plans for manga lovers!

Ismanga provides a complimentary edition of its state-of-the-art AI translator, enabling users to make unlimited translations. However, there are restricted premium translations accessible as well. The free version ensures top-notch translations on any device, all under a single account. This makes it an excellent choice for manga enthusiasts seeking to enhance their reading experience without incurring any charges, with a limit of 80 translations per week. offering manga translation in multiple languages.

Ismanga supports a wide range of languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French, German, Malay, and more, ensuring a diverse and immersive reading experience. Take a look at the supported languages here.'s pricing page showcasing premium plans for 1 day, monthly, and yearly subscriptions.

Ismanga sets itself apart by offering versatile translation options, seamless accessibility across devices, and a dedication to enhancing your reading journey. Whether you prefer a free or premium experience, Ismanga has you covered with plans like Premium 1-Day for $1.49, Premium Monthly for $6.99, and Premium Annual for $69.99 (originally $83.88). Customize your manga experience with Ismanga's flexible plans and delve into the world of efficient and adaptable manga translation. To learn about Ismanga's premium services and pricing, visit this page.

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Ismanga has recently unveiled a revolutionary addition - the upload and translate feature. This remarkable feature allows you to effortlessly add images and translate them in a matter of seconds, enhancing your manga exploration with a whole new level of excitement. Discover the seamless convenience and rapidity of translating visuals with Ismanga. For further details regarding this cutting-edge feature, please visit here.

FAQ page of Find answers to common questions about manga translations. Get help and enjoy reading your favorite manga online!

For more information, check out their FAQ page or explore their latest feature, which allows you to upload and translate directly from the website.

2) Manga translator - App

Manga translator app - Easily translate manga with this convenient app

Wiryaimd Manga Translator excels in translating multilingual dialogues, offering a dynamic experience. However, it is exclusively available on mobile devices, and there might be language constraints and variations in accuracy with complex content. Nevertheless, Wiryaimd provides flexible pricing options, including a $3/month subscription, a $15/year plan, and a $27 lifelong membership.

3) Scan translator

Scan Translator

After putting Scan Translator to the test, we found it to be a practical tool for translating manga scans into various languages, catering to the needs of non-native readers with the support of many languages. The tool offers a quick and straightforward way to understand manga content in different languages. Users should be aware of potential accuracy variations, Based on the user reviews the translation accuracy is not up to the mark.They have their play store and chrome extension available.

For those interested in trying out Scan Translator, the pricing options are as follows:

Bronze: €2 (Get 222 credits for 222 translations)

Silver: €5 (Get 560 credits for 560 translations)

Gold: €10 (Get 1100 credits for 1100 translations)

Diamond: €20 (Get 2310 credits, including 110 free credits, for 2310 translations)

Sapphire: €50 (Get 6000 credits, including 400 free credits, for 6000 translations)

Emerald: €75 (Get 9130 credits, including 830 free credits, for 9130 translations)

Ultimate: €100 (Get 12650 credits, including 1650 free credits, for 12650 translations)

4) Mantra - Manga Translator

Mantra - Manga Translator: Your go-to app for translating manga! Download now on the Play Store!

Mantra streamlines the translation of the manga, eliminating language obstacles. It serves as your linguistic ally, providing a user-friendly interface and adaptable translation capabilities for multiple languages. Feel free to delve into its features, while being aware of minor concerns such as previous dialogue box issues, a maximum limit of 10 pages for file queuing, and restricted platform access solely through the mobile app. The pricing options encompass a monthly subscription of $2.40, an annual subscription of $23.40, and a lifelong plan priced at $124.80.

5) Bubble screen translate

Bubble Screen Translateon: Instantly translate text on your screen. Download now from the Play Store

Bubble Screen Translate is a freemium tool that offers instant language translation directly on your screen. Users have praised its user-friendly interface and efficient translation of text into their native language, some users have reported occasional coherence issues in translations, improvements required in language selection, and sporadic pop-ups or word selection problemsDespite these issues, Bubble Screen Translate provides pricing options including a monthly plan for $3.48, an annual plan for $15.60, and a lifelong plan for $29.40 Users have also appreciated the app's security features. Overall, Bubble Screen Translate is a useful tool for those looking for a quick and easy way to translate text on their screen.

6) DeepL Translator

DeepL Translate is a highly accurate translation application that supports more than 30 languages and offers various features such as text, speech, image, and file translation. Users have praised its accuracy and the ability to upload and translate entire PDF, Word, or PPT files. However, some users have reported difficulties with image translation, particularly with OCR functionality, and suggested areas for improvement. Despite not being specifically designed for manga and webtoon, it can still help translate images related to these genres.DeepL Translate offers three pricing options: Starter, Advanced, and Ultimate, priced at $10.49, $34.49, and $68.99 per month per user, respectively. You can now download it on Chrome extension and Play Store.

7) Google lens

Google Lens website: Discover a powerful visual search tool that uses your phone's camera to identify objects, landmarks, and more.

Google Lens is a versatile tool that you find on Play Store. that can transform your camera or photos into a multipurpose instrument. With its visual search, text scanning, translation, and exploration features, it offers users a wide range of functionalities. However, it is worth noting that some users have reported occasional difficulties with recognition and usability, which may be attributed to updates. It is important to highlight that although Google Lens is not specifically tailored for manga or webtoons, it can still be useful in assisting with translating images.

Final thoughts

Many great AI manga translation tools are available in the market, each with its own set of unique features. If you want to get started today, for free, Ismanga can be a great choice for you. Its versatile features like Unlimited translations and Local image translation, may make it a valuable tool for manga enthusiasts, just like you. Give Ismanga a try and explore a seamless manga translation experience.

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